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I Am The child You Aged And He Was Forced To Leave His Land, And Every Time You Kill Him, You Find Another One Born Again,I Dream Of A Peaceful Home, No Fire, No Beating, No Bombs I Demand For My Rights, And Why Are My Rights Considered As Dreams Now ? I'm Nablus , Haifa , Jaffa And Beisan, I am Arab Palestinian, In All Languages, I'M Human I am Jerusalem That They Have Israled It Then They Put A Million Locks On It And Everyone Born There Is Classified As A Martyr. Not A Child I am Bait-Lahm And Ramallah. And Sheikh Jarrag And Iam Nazareth. And I Am Gaza Where Te People Are. Crying From Sorrow. I am The Next Martyr. And I Live Under The Mine Of Fire. I Fear No Bullet.... I'dont Care About The Colonizatuon
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